starting small before going big, try Research Professional

Start small before trying this. Image credit: Jeff Rowley, Flickr
Start small before trying this. Image credit: Jeff Rowley, Flickr

Do you want funding for your research question? Of course you do. It’s hard to do though isn’t it, especially for ECRs with no track record. To get research funding you need a track record so how do you get that?

By starting small before you go big, and this is where Research Professional comes in. It’s a large database of research funding opportunities that is updated twice weekly and has extensive coverage of funding opportunities available in the UK and beyond. Users can search the database and stay up to date with email alerts using search terms and filters. Search results include information about the calls, funder and eligibility, relevant links as well as any notes and comments.

So what? I imagine you thinking. Research Professional is not a Golden Ticket to research funding BUT it can be a useful tool. Once you get past the slightly clunky interface and spend a little time setting up an account and some tailored searches you may be surprised by what is out there or here or even there. Often the power of this type of aggregator is uncovering unusual opportunities that fit a niche or small external funding opportunities perfect for those without a track record. And it can uncover larger niche opportunities you can plan to apply for in the future.

You know your research interests and circumstances best so you also know how to search for opportunities that suit you.

The University of Sheffield has an institutional account and all staff and students can register for a personal account. Find out how at the Research and Innovation Services Research Professional page. It will take planning and it will take effort but somebody has to get those grants, so why not you? Use the tools, make it happen. I believe you can.


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