Researchfish in the water, Researchfish in the sea

Obligatory fishy picture. Image: Georgie Pauwels, Flickr
Obligatory fishy picture. Image: Georgie Pauwels, Flickr

Researchfish is the system that many funders require researchers to record outcomes of the research they fund. This is important because if you get funding and then don’t do what the funder asks you to do they are unlikely to fund your work again.

As of September 2014 Research Councils UK (RCUK) replaced the unpopular and under used ROS with Researchfish. Researchfish was designed for the MRC (approximately 7 years ago) who opted not to use ROS. Subsequently it is being used by 90 or so funders, and these now including all RCUK funders.

The big change is that from 2015 it will be mandatory for RCUK grant holders to use the system and there will be sanctions for none compliance.

The good news is that the Researchfish is fairly easy to use and once new users have got all their information up to date (more work for those with lots of outputs, so expect complaints in the first year of use) it is easy to use and relatively popular. Relative to other systems rather than relative to biscuits in the tea room, bank holidays or strawberries and cream of course.


This information may not be relevant to you at the moment, but it might become so when you get your own funding. Also the system has a ‘delegate to’ function to enable PIs to share project responsibilities with PDRA’s, PGRs, RAs, technicians, administrators etc.

The information researchers add to Researchfish may be used to populate GtR which is an RCUK/InnovateUK portal (shop window?) for research. In fact the information they will harvest from the upcoming RCUK ‘submission period’ (16th Oct to 13th Nov 2014) will be used to argue the case for research funding in the next Comprehensive Spending Review after the next election. This is important for the sector people.

More info can be found here on the University of Sheffield pages.

Apologies for the title.


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