how to succeed at writing applications – MOOC


When it comes to writing job applications do you struggle to find the right words to tell the recruiter or why you think you’re the best candidate? Maybe you’ve submitted an application recently but not received that call or letter inviting you to interview and you’re wondering what, if anything, you’ve done wrong?

WE HAVE A MOOC FOR YOU! This was designed for all students but plenty of researchers have now signed up.

In the mean time, a few snippets of advice follow:

Most recruiters get large numbers of applications so if you’re going to stand out from the crowd and impress them, you need to give your application careful thought and get it right. Your application may have been overlooked because of some simple common errors:

  • You didn’t explain clearly why you wanted the job (or course). Omission of this information will generally be assumed to indicate no real interest.
  • You didn’t provide enough information about your skills or you listed a large number of skills but didn’t provide evidence of how you acquired them. Just saying you are a ‘good team player’ convinces no-one.
  • Your application lacked focus. Everything was included despite much of it not being relevant to the job.
  • Your application had a significant number of basic mistakes in spelling and grammar, tone, or appropriate language.

These avoidable errors can mean your application hits the reject pile at an early stage in the selection process and you don’t get the opportunity to show what a great employee you’d be!

Joining us for the How to Succeed at Applications MOOC will take you two to three hours a week, over a three week period and you’ll gain top tips and techniques for writing applications, CVs (résumés), and covering letters to help you make it through to the shortlist. You’ll find the course easy to use, with videos, animations, articles and quizzes to help you learn about the subject plus there’ll be discussions where you can all support and encourage each other by sharing knowledge and expertise. You’ll also be able to create a portfolio of draft applications and CVs to use in your future job applications.

Also, look out for the ‘How to Succeed at Interviews’ MOOC starting 20 July 2015 for three weeks.

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