photos bring it all flooding back!

Do you remember the good old days when you took rolls and rolls of wet film snaps to be developed and then waited with anticipation to get them back from Boots (other developers are available) to both relive the experience and to laugh at how many had a finger as the predominant image?

No? I guess you are a fair bit younger than me then!

Anyway, I had a taste of that nostalgia recently (in a slightly modern way) whilst waiting for the commissioned (digital) photos from the inaugural Kroto Research Inspiration launch and awards ceremony to come through.

Once I managed to open the Zip file and copy them on to my Google drive (seriously, things were more straightforward back in the day!) I was reminded of the fantastic time I had over lunch on the 13th of July, when I had the pleasure of compering the KRI awards and celebration event whilst surrounded by fellow celebrators of creative research communication.

After the requisite food and chat, there was an introduction from Professor Steve Banwart, academic lead for the initiative, a keynote from Professor Sir Harry Kroto himself and then the finale, a researcher showcase and prize giving celebrating researchers here at the university as well as some very innovative young people!

There to celebrate were researchers across the career spectrum from PhD through to Professor, colleagues from across the Professional Services of the university, an inspiring young person and her family representing the creativity of school children, a champion of creativity from the Jacobs Foundation and of course Sir Harry and Lady Margaret Kroto and their travelling companions Colin and Jackie Byfleet.

There were YouTube videos, a plethora of posters, research photography images, build-it-yourself Buckyball kits, a three minute thesis presentation on ‘Touch, gesture and a robot made for you’, tales of outstanding outreach and most important of all…laughter!

As mentioned in the title, looking through the photos brought back really smile-inducing memories and while I can’t recreate for you the pleasure it was to be part of this new initiative, I anticipate that the below photo mash up will help. You can also have a look at the Kroto Research Inspiration webpages to find out more.

If that doesn’t do the trick, watch this prize winning video about ‘The Science of Chilliesfrom Cheltenham Ladies’ College – if you don’t crack at least one smile, it might be time to re-visit my ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ post!


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