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As I was reading through the usual array of feedback, I began to wonder as always, if everyone attended the same course. As usual the responses ranged from it being a waste of time to finding it a highly enlightening experience.

Fortunately the majority found the opportunity to meet with others from different backgrounds and  rblog 1esearch areas helpful, productive and beneficial, enjoyable.

The stimulating discussions changed their way of thinking, provided views they had previously not considered and made them think differently or even changed their opinion. (Their words not mine.) Read the rest of this entry »

There’s been a recurring phrase uttered around the office this past week… “I can’t wait for Easter”. I know that I’ve said it almost on a daily basis, not in anticipation of a chocolate egg eating frenzy (though those that know me will find this hard to believe), but more in the fact that I need a break. That’s a break from early morning starts, commuting into Sheffield, emails and just everything work related. I think I’ve needed this for a while, but deadlines and day to day business have caused me to get caught up in the moment and push that nagging feeling of tiredness to one side and carry on regardless. Read the rest of this entry »

According to, a cohort is:

  1. a group or company
  2. a companion or associate

I have had a few recent experiences that have got me thinking about the cohort learning model.

We recently ran a recruitment round for the Independent Researcher Scheme. The scheme, “offers a bespoke development programme for Researchers who are committed to developing their research careers and aspiring to be an independent researcher.”

We found it really hard to recruit a cohort, which made me ponder. Was it the marketing? Was it this visibility of the scheme? Likely. Was it something else as well? Undoubtedly. Read the rest of this entry »