mental health – lies and links…

I’m a bit weird about personal and professional boundaries; I like to keep things pretty separate. I mean, you don’t need to know that I get a lot of genuine joy out of Spectrum emulators or that pimple popping videos are a Thing on the internet and I’ve watched more than one. You’d think less of me, right? Oh.

But yesterday I shared a post on one of  my personal social media accounts without any comment attached, and the response from friends, family and, actually, total strangers (friends of friends of friends…) made me realise just how much we all need to hear and acknowledge this sometimes. Particularly in academia, which is only now starting to get to grips with mental health issues in its students and staff. It’s simply this:


So, today’s blog isn’t going to be filled with my opinions; I just want to use the space to offer up a few bits of linky-goodness, to people who are struggling with their mental health, or who are trying to support someone who is.

The Mental Health Foundation has a fantastic website, providing comprehensive research-led information, advice and support for people dealing with mental ill-health. There is also a useful guide to supporting someone experiencing a mental health problem.

Mind, as well as offering a website packed with practical advice and ways to access support, has a brilliant YouTube channel, with videos

The marvellous Dr Nadine Muller has a website with lots of fantastic resources, stories and information about mental health in academia  

If you need to talk to someone now and, for whatever reason, don’t feel able to talk to your friends, family or colleagues, remember that The Samaritans has trained volunteers available around the clock, every day of the year. They’re there to listen to you.

And finally, why not follow the University of Sheffield’s very own Twitter account dedicated to researcher wellbeing: @reswellsheff for news, information and advice about mental health and wellbeing in academia.

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