plan your thesis – nail your thesis

Who’s writing their thesis? 

Come on, who is writing? It’s my view, and the view of a lot of scholars who study writing in the doctoral degree, that everyone should have said yes to that question. See this assertion from  Barbara Kamler & Pat Thomson, taken from their 2014 book, ‘Helping Doctoral Students Write: Pedagogies for supervision’:


And further wisdoms:

“Passively accepting that a thesis is one of life’s great unknowns is not a sensible course of action; like any other writing task, it can, and must be defined.” — Rowena Murray

There is no such thing as academic writer’s block. The key to writing a lot  is to schedule time to do it.” — Paul Silvia

“There is more to writing than simply skill, knowledge and ability, i.e. cognition. This is an important part of writing but is only one aspect of it. The positive and negative attitudes and feelings of graduate students towards writing matter in enabling them to succeed.” — Jerry Wellington

And so…

If the motivation fairy hasn’t been stopping off at your desk very frequently, perhaps you should give her a hand…” — Hugh Kearns & Maria Gardiner

Make today the day you make a positive step forward

Today is a good day to examine your attitudes towards writing. And why not give the thesis motivation fairy a hand by using these thesis writing planning tools I created.

Click through to find help for (1) Organising your reading from the literature, (2) Integrating your findings with the literature, (3) Planning your week in writing snacks, (4) Planning a way around, over, or through your writing blocks, (5) Having an open and honest conversation with your supervisor (6) Creating changes to your working patterns, styles, or relationships, that really make a difference.

Lets go do it!


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