video gains

A few weeks ago I was attending a PhD poster showcase and had the opportunity to be in the ’market place’ area of the event to represent Think Ahead.  Part of the gig was to highlight opportunities available to PhD students at Sheffield.  We had the usual posters, postcards and pens set up to entice enquiries, but I wanted to curate some of the additional opportunities that PhD students sometimes miss.  I tried putting them in a poster but, quite frankly, it looked terrible.  The only option left was to create a short video.

The video needed to be engaging, informative and, as a confirmed camera-dodger (not even a still photo if I can help it), not feature me.  I wanted something which could be played on a loop and wouldn’t be too long.  I’ve participated in the Creative Media course at the University, and tried to storyboard some ideas, but nothing seemed to flow.  That’s when I thought of simplifying things and creating a Biteable video.

Biteable is an online video maker which has loads of templates which you can adapt to suit your needs. Before I go any further, I’ll just confirm that this isn’t a sponsored post.  Think Ahead pay for an annual Biteable subscription, but if you want to try it you can do for free.  Alternatively you could have a search of the internet and find another platform that suits your needs – there are loads out there, including Adobe Spark, Magisto and Vimeo.

I chose a stock template from Biteable that was suitable for my needs, I had a quick think about the order of my content, uploaded some photos and added “catchy” music.  In a matter of minutes, I had a short video which could be played on a loop.  Easy!  The final video is below if you fancy having a look.

If you want to communicate your research in a way that can be shared across multiple online platforms, but a major barrier to you producing online content is that you just don’t want to appear on screen, I’d definitely encourage you to consider a tool such as Biteable.

PhD – the additional experience



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