@careerpostPhD is hosting a twitter chat!

Come and join our twitter chat!


Time: 12:30-1:30 pm

Date: 4th July 2018

#sheffvista twitter page @careerspostPhD is hosting a twitter chat, open to researchers based at any institution, centred around transitioning from academia, to careers outside of academia. We will be discussing leaving academia, what are the alternative options, and any challenges and high points encountered during the career change. We have enlisted the help of 5 of our v i s t a mentors* to answer questions and share their own experiences in leaving academia and about their current careers.

Use the hash tag #sheffvistachat to follow the discussion (you don’t need an account to view posts) and ask any of your own questions or contribute your own experiences and ideas.

Whose involved:

Ed Guccione: Data analyst/ Operational researcher/ Web analyst

Following my PhD and post-doc experience in a molecular biology background. I now have 2 years of experience in data analysis at the University of Derby and now, the Department of Work and Pensions. My work at the University of Derby was very much involved with producing management information for academics and senior executives at the University, this was, for me ‘a way in’ to the types of roles I aspired to. It worked, as I then got my DWP job, this job is much more varied and has allowed me to use many more of the skills I learned during my PhD/Postdoc and develop other new skills. I provide analysis for a range of people in various formats. Working much more as a team player than I did in the past. I spend a lot more time thinking about who my analysis is for and how I can make it understandable for them.

Emily Goodall: Academic Skills Development adviser

Following my PhD at the University of Birmingham I moved to Sheffield to take up a post-doc position in the Department of Neuroscience, University of Sheffield in 2008. I have had a number of short term contracts as a post-doc and research fellow within the department before deciding the academic career track was not for me. I have therefore recently launched into a Professional Services career, again with the University of Sheffield, as an Academic Skills Development Adviser. This post is a maternity cover so I will be actively looking for my next challenge very soon!

Mark Hawker: Business analyst

I work as a Business Analyst at an NHS Foundation Trust in the North of England, having gained an interdisciplinary PhD from the Department of Sociological Studies and the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR). I am responsible for co-ordinating the collection and analysis of data to meet contractual reporting to commissioners and operational/performance reports. I liaise closely with our Digital Care Hub who deliver telemedicine and telephone support to care homes and palliative care patients across the country

James Donald: Strategy and policy manager

I am a Programme Lead for the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Future Leaders Fellowships programme, and also spend time in the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Skills and Careers Unit. Within my role for the Future Leaders Fellowship programme I am one of three Programme Leads responsible for the delivery of the programme and the support that it provides to the fellows we invest in. With BBSRC I have oversight of the Discovery and David Phillips fellowships and am responsible for the council’s strategy regarding bioscience postdoc careers and professional development.

Following a PhD in molecular microbiology I have had roles in online publishing, research administration / management within a German research organisation, multiple roles with the BBSRC, and now play a role in leading the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship team.

Billy Bryan: Consultant

After my PhD in medical education, I immediately started my role as a Consultant at Technopolis-Group where I have been since September 2017. We focus mainly on science and innovation policy and evaluation in the UK, Europe, South America and Africa. I work within this remit as well as on projects in education and international development topics, but the work is incredibly varied and interesting. I work on multiple projects commissioned to us by our clients, helping them to solve problems by providing informed recommendations. In addition, I write proposals aiming to win new work for the company. I love meeting our clients and learning about what they do; it helps me better understand what we can do to help them solve the big issues in society. I am also a Fellow of the HEA and have a PGCert in learning and teaching. My undergraduate degree was in Sports Science.

*All our mentors are available to offer further advice and guidance t(o University of Sheffield researchers) through the v i s t a mentoring scheme. Click here for more information about the portal and signing up.

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