Kroto Research Inspiration competitions 2018

In my role as part of the Think Ahead Team, I often get invited to attend research poster presentation events and, as a non-researcher, some posters appear so daunting that I take one look and feel like running.  A tad dramatic, I know, but I’m sure that we’ve all seen examples of a bad poster – too much text crammed onto the page, lack of a logical flow, unexplained jargon and diagrams that seem to have been shoehorned in without consideration.  It’s my opinion that posters like that are not designed with the reader in mind and that they can be alienating and stop people engaging with quality research.

In a continuing attempt to banish boring research posters, the Kroto Research Inspiration (KRI) poster competition for 2018 is open for entries from today.  We are looking for visually creative and inspiring posters which really promote the understanding of your research to an audience of people who are not specialists in your subject area.  Essentially people like me!  If you are a postgraduate researcher or a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield, you are eligible to enter the competition.

Dr Alanna Green, KRI Poster Competition Winner, 2017

We know that fantastic research is conducted across the University and we’d really like you to share it with us.  Since the KRI Poster Competition launched in 2015, researchers from each of the 5 faculties at the University of Sheffield have submitted posters to the competition with two posters from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health and one from the Faculty of Social Sciences scooping the winning prizes.

Competition rules and regulations can be found at the KRI Poster Competition website, along with examples of previous winners and finalists.

If you don’t fancy submitting a poster – there are plenty of other ways of engaging with Kroto Research Inspiration.  If you can make a video about your research to inspire a public audience you might want to enter the ‘My Research Story’ competition; with a bit of creativity even the most camera-shy people can still enter this one.

All of the KRI competitions seek to encourage and inspire researchers at the University of Sheffield to continue the work of Sir Harry Kroto in creatively communicating research to a wider audience, especially young people.  Take this opportunity to be part of that legacy.

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