Thinking Visually

Today, the Researcher Development Team took the time to engage in our own collective development.

The day gave us the time to ‘Think Visually’, by engaging in the building blocks of ‘Great Graphics’, aiming to:

  • Develop visual skills for use in posters, storytelling, flipcharts, notetaking etc.
  • Learn together
  • Feel inspired

At the beginning, our levels of self-assessed confidence and competence ranged from 0-7 out of 10.  By the end, they ranged from 2-8 and everyone felt they had found some inspiration through the power of the pen!

By the time we had learned the ‘basics’ (core shapes, embellished shapes and drawing people!), we were all able to create amazing end pieces, communicating a visual narrative relevant to our own personal journey.

The photos above are a story in themselves – that of my learning throughout Vanessa Randle’s fantastic workshop.

I cannot articulate strongly enough how valuable the experience was to me through taking some time to:

» Think differently
Enhance my communication portfolio
Visually articulate complicated concepts 
» Reflect on the quality of my handwriting
Be ok with the imperfect
Have a go at something new

I’m not saying everyone should rush out and book a graphics workshop (though if you are, Vanessa is an AMAZING facilitator) but I would say that if you’ve let your inner doodler gather dust or you think your reports are a bit bland, now is the time to pick up a pen and have a go at something creative!


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