Feeling blue? immerse yourself in green

This is #researchwell week.
It is one of the highlights of our programme, as we believe that looking after your development involves looking after your mental wellbeing.
The Concordat (which is currently being updated, with the new version being available soon)  was introduced “to improve the employment and support for researchers and research careers in UK higher education.” and we that includes the need to create a healthy and supportive workplace.
A recent article in the guardian focuses on what they believe to be an ” epidemic-of-poor-mental-health” among HE staff and it was suggested that it is  “essential to take steps to make universities more humane and rewarding workplaces which allow talented individuals to thrive.”
Moves are afoot to improve things on a national basis and in HE institutions. But what can you do on an individual level, that is easy and doesn’t cost money, to improve your mental wellbeing?
Let me introduce you to using nature to improve mental wellbeing. It’s free and easily accessible.
Being indoors too much is bad for your health as it can impact on your sleep, appetite, complexion and make you stressed and depressed. ( Taken from staying-inside-can-actually-make-you-sick)
Doctors are encouraged to prescribe green space “Physical inactivity now rivals smoking as one of the nation’s biggest health problems and is responsible for 17% of early deaths in the UK.” and The Faculty of Public Health suggests that interaction with nature might be effective in treating some forms of mental illnesses
So what are you waiting for?
Sheffield is one of the greenest cities. It has a reputed 4.5 million trees and has been described as the greenest city in Europe with more trees per person than any other UK city.
We are starting off our #researchwell week with a session on ‘Nature and Wellbeing’ which aims to get you out of your usual setting and join others to consider using nature as part of your mental wellbeing.
You can find all our events HERE which includes a calendar, with a thought or action of the day, to boost your own #wellbeing and connect to those around you.
So have a look and join in.
We would love to hear any stories of how these events have helped you so please let us know at thinkahead@sheffield.ac.uk

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