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Think Ahead operates a continuous listening campaign for all researchers at the University of Sheffield, both staff and students, so you can let us know what matters to you, how it’s going, what’s great, and what could be better, without saving it up two years for the next official survey.

‘We are listening’ may seem a bold claim but we really value feedback, comments, thoughts, suggestions and your stories.


A futile waste of your time because everyone knows the problems and nothing will happen anyway. Change is a complex and gradual process that starts with demonstrating a clear need by gathering together the evidence. This team is committed to learning, and feeding that learning into the wider university in the form of new ideas.

Designed to help us benchmark ourselves against other universities, enter league tables, or ‘for marketing purposes’. We’re not looking for you to tick ‘somewhat happy’ or ‘fairly peeved’. We want to hear your story in your own words so we can understand the complexity of the issues that you work with in the research environment.

Going to get you in trouble, or make things worse. It’s anonymous, so that can’t happen, and it’s also just not the way we work. We want to understand what’s going on not judge anyone, be that you, your supervisor, or your department. Only properly anonymised, aggregated data will be seen by anyone wider than the Think Ahead team. Guaranteed.

A way we can take any individual action on your behalf. If you require a reply on a specific issue, need support, or want to ask a question that needs a timely answer, please email so we can advise.

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  1. Think Ahead team, this is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing more of this blog in the future. Also, I just downloaded the BITE: Recipes for Remarkable Research book from the link you gave and recommend other people do to. I particularly found “How to love several projects at once” useful and will totally be following the recipe for “It’s ok to have a stationary fetish”!

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