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Job title and company: Research Services Librarian, University of Sheffield

Approximate salary range for your type of role: £25,000 – 30,000


Beth.jpgIn a world of fake news, and politicians trying to supress scientific information for their own agendas, I can’t think of any job I could be doing that would be more important than working to promote open access to research, which is what I do as a Research Services Librarian. Our department used to be split into open access librarians and data management librarians, but we’ve recently all taken up the same title to create a cohesive front in scholarly communications. Read the rest of this entry »

A guest post by Dr Beth Hellen. Catch her @phdgeek – and read her blog here – Tunnelling Through Academia

On a sunny day lasRutgerst October I stepped off a plane at JFK airport to begin a new postdoc research position in the States, and everything changed. Or actually, mostly, it didn’t.

The experience of being a postdoc abroad can vary widely depending on the country you go to and moving to the east coast of the USA is a fairly easy ride as far as postdocs in a foreign country go. There is so much cross-pollination of culture between the two countries that many aspects of life are exactly the same. Of course that means that the things that are different are much more likely to broadside you if you’re not looking out!

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