Guest post by Gareth McCathie, Postgraduate Researcher, Department of Biomedical Science.

2015-11-05 13.28.03-1.jpg

I stumbled upon BitesizeBio in the early months of the second year of my PhD whilst troubleshooting a particularly stubborn cloning reaction and, after seeing the wide range of useful little lab tricks & practical insider knowledge, quickly bookmarked the site. When I returned to check it out in more detail I saw they also had a large range of advice for dealing with the stresses of work & PhDs, enhancing your personal development and getting the most out of your career in general. Many of these articles used a heavily introspective approach and led me to consider things that are often, intentionally or otherwise, disregarded in the scientific community. Dr Nick Oswald, the founder and MD of BitesizeBio, had written several of the articles himself and so I was delighted when he agreed to come and deliver a talk to the Faculty on how to have a happier and more rewarding work life.

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