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Organising your PT Phd by @SRDent89

Challenge Annika

“I go through spells where I don’t do anything. I just sort of have lunch—all day.”

Writing is not my natural forte, I like the Nora Ephron quote above about her writing process, so similar to mine. I go through long dry spells where my motivation is on the floor, my focus too caught elsewhere, and I’m not entirely sure I’ll get a PhD at all – the guilt creeping in for every day off, or trip out for coffee. Secretly I feel abit like a dilatant, who if they can look and sound the part someone will eventually give them a PhD. Like Annika’s earlier blogpost, I have the “swishy wool coat and smart leather bag that makes me appear intelligent”.

The truth is I probably work far too much, and am anything but a dilatant. I am a part-time PhD student, with a full time job, who would…

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Please click here to read the second in a series of excellent posts on The Value of Research Staff by Dr Anne Burns, Research Associate at the University of Sheffield.

Mapping research with sweets and drawing on mirrors – two things I had never done prior to the second event in the ‘Tuning in to the Value of Research Staff’ series. This session took the form of a series of short exercises, in which we were encouraged to explore our experience of research, and given an opportunity to discuss the various obstances and achievements we had encountered. The day began with the group responding to a series of quotes on the theme of creativity…


Please click here to read the full and excellent post on the blog of Dr Anne Burns, Research Associate at the University of Sheffield on the ‘Picturing the Social’ project: looking at photographic sharing practices on social media.

…Fixed term researchers (FTRs) play an invaluable role in academia. We serve a very specific purpose, in terms of finding something out, within a defined time frame, and in harmony with the wider research culture of the institution. Such parameters of topic, time and cost demand that FTRs have a certain skill set, relating to adaptability, focus and creativity. The latter is the focus of a three-part series of events being held at the University of Sheffield over the summer, called ‘Tuning in to the Value of Research Staff’…

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