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This is a guest post by Saima Eman, PhD Commonwealth Scholar, Psychology, University of Sheffield and Lecturer in Psychology, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Pakistan

S_EmanSince technology is the main source of information diffusion, it goes without saying that the online presence and online interaction of researchers is indispensable. Below follow some ideas from my own experience, for joining in global discussions, and for expanding the reach of your research.

In addition to looking for a new job or position, maintaining a researcher profile online is equally essential for career progression and reputation. Websites such as Researchgate, Linkedin Facebook, Google scholar, and a personal university webpage Google sites and Wixsite are very useful in recording the research work including published research, research projects, and achievements as a researcher. Read the rest of this entry »

This is a gust post from Saima Eman, a PhD Commonwealth Scholar in the Psychology Department and UREC student representative at University of Sheffield. She is also a Lecturer in Psychology at the Lahore College for Women University in Pakistan.


No relationship is perfect, and a student and supervisor are very lucky if they can build a trusting and respectful supervisory relationship. In this post, I share some precautions and practical tips to get the best match for you, and maintain good student-supervisor relations throughout the PhD, drawn from my own 17 years of experience in research.

Finding out about the academic and ethical reputation, working styles, and idiosyncrasies, of the potential supervisor will be significant to your whole future career. Do not rush into making commitments, take your time. Delve deeper into institutional and group rules and procedures before formally agreeing to work on the project. Try out a pilot study at the beginning if you can, take summer projects, research assistant posts, be choosy.

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