Third guest post in a series of three by Dr Graham McElearney, Senior Learning Technologist, Technology Enhanced Learning Team in CiCS

Online digital video and the proliferation of social media are without doubt prompting digital transformations in all aspects of contemporary life. Academia will surely be no different. Producing digital media to convey your research, either to peers or to the public, will allow the form of “long tail” production of otherwise very niche publications, and allow these to become and remain sustainable and viable, in ways that might not be achieved via traditional paper-based publications. Online video can also give research colleagues direct access to visual phenomena, which could be a tremendously powerful way of fostering collaborative research.  So, it won’t just be research dissemination that will be revolutionised here, but the whole way that research is conducted. Research will become truly networked perhaps in the same manner as learning. Read the rest of this entry »