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ERS_Logo_12_bI attended the Engineering Researcher Symposium last Friday (30 June 2017) and the message that came across to me, was that often collaboration isn’t about having a research idea and then looking for collaborators, but rather it can be by talking to others, that ideas for collaboration come about. Read the rest of this entry »

o-new-years-resolutions-facebookHappy New Year to everyone from the Think Ahead Team!

New Year is the time when many of us make those New Year resolutions. We aspire to put things in place to be better versions of ourselves, be it to start that diet (…again!), do more exercise so sign up to a gym, stop drinking/smoking, save money…

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During the 2016 Researcher Away Day, I had set a stall with a Ketso kit, which is a fun mind-mapping tool developed to facilitate community engagement. Ketso was developed by researchers from the University of Manchester who have set up a social entreprise to produce this interesting interactive resource, showing that indeed researchers’ creativity and ingenuity lead to entrepreneurial activities.


During the coffee breaks of the away day, I used the Ketso kit to ask Postdocs participants some simple questions about their experiences of being and developing as researchers at Sheffield, about the type of research environment they would want to have, and aspirations about the role of their PIs (e.g. A super PI does… I would like my PI to…) Read the rest of this entry »

LightbulbLast week, our section had an away day. For those who have not experienced one of these, it is an opportunity for a team / department / section to go off site and reflect on a specific topic. Be honest, how many of us know that when we’re in the thick of day to day work, sometimes the time for pondering and debating the bigger picture seems a luxury that can be ill afforded. Read the rest of this entry »

I have been looking at some of my old notebooks. I am a notebook scribbler. Whether I attend a meeting, a seminar, or a conference, I like to make notes on paper. With the advances in technologies with multiple genres in tablet devices, many colleagues have shifted their note taking to the very professional looking tablets where every pieces of writing or notes can be catalogued into the right file, shared in a diversity of digital remote spaces and accessed by an ever more increasing number of devices. Ok, maybe I should just admit it, but I am a bit of a dinosaur with technology and I still like my messy notebooks. I have many of them with random and unorganized notes gathered from diverse encounters. photoThe issue I have had with many of my trials in digital note taking is that the notes are there beautifully organised in many computer files and folders, but do I ever bother looking at them again?….rarely unless I really need something specific. Read the rest of this entry »