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Researchers Assemble!

Researchers Assemble!

I work with postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers to support their professional and personal development, to help them achieve their career aspirations. As you might imagine, that involves actually talking to them about their experiences, needs and priorities, rather than assuming blithely that I know best. People who think they know best always freak me out a bit, if I’m being honest.

From talking to researchers and from lurking around all manner of blogs, I’m struck by how often the subject of feeling inadequate/not up to the job/not ‘good’ enough for academia comes up. Bearing in mind that I’m lucky enough to be working with some of the brightest, most able researchers around, that might seem odd; but if you’re surrounded by people as talented and passionate as you are, I guess that becomes your norm, and may be one reason that Imposter Syndrome is very much alive and well in academia! Read the rest of this entry »

Happy New Year! Make your new year resolution to believe in yourself!

“Why didn’t you come directly to us instead of going through an agency?” the interviewer asked my friend. Afterwards she confided that she didn’t contact them direct, as she feared being rejected. She got the job with no problem. She is an amazing person with lots of experience, good with people and well-motivated to meet any challenge. Who wouldn’t want to employ her? She is now loving it and exceeding all her targets. You can see a difference in her now as she glows in a confidence that comes from being secure in her abilities.

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