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I moved office this week and even though I did take the opportunity to get rid of some stuff, I still easily filled eight crates (everyone else had three) and my car with the leftover items (hubby not a happy bunny!).

Having been a trainer/lecturer for over 20 years, I still have training materials going back to the last five companies I have worked for as ‘they may come in’. I have even scanned a lot of it but I still have too much stuff to cope with.

I have decided that I need to find some way of reducing this down, so how can one de-clutter? (Image credit). Read the rest of this entry »

For a festival of peace and goodwill it seems to manage to create a lot of stress and hardship. So how can you ensure you enjoy the festive season rather than feeling like you’ve been ‘sleighed’! As always we are concerned about researcher wellbeing,  so here are some tips for you> All obvious? So how come you don’t do them!

Winter tiredness

Shorter days provwinter-tirednesside us with less daylight hours and your brain produces more of a hormone called melatonin, which makes you sleepy. We often have to keep going but we need to accept we will slow down over winter. To help keep your energy levels up try to eat regular meals/healthy snacks every three to four hours, rather than large meals. Regular exercise can give you an energy boost and make you feel less tired. Read the rest of this entry »