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Guest post by Ellen Buckley, Research Technician and PhD Staff Candidate, Department of Neuroscience and member of the Medicine, Dentistry and Health’s Research in Policy Group.


What is the current role of researchers in policy-making and how might or should this change in the future?

What are the routes to how research becomes incorporated into policy?

Why does policy not always reflect research evidence?

What are the range of policy careers available within universities, Government, NGOs and charities?

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Guest post from Juhi Misra, a PhD researcher in the Dept. of Human Metabolism J1 Like any other ‘normal’ PhD student, I too panic whenever I get an email from my supervisor, the first thought being ‘oh no more work, more deadlines why doesn’t he/she just leave me in my world of procrastination’. But this email was different, my supervisor had introduced to me to an opportunity, one that I would have never heard of, let alone dreamed of achieving.   Prof Bellantuono introduced me to ‘Set for Britain’. Surprisingly it is not one of the annual marathons or charity events nor is it one of the pump priming grant applications, in fact it is your entry pass to the UK parliament. Read the rest of this entry »