30 Principles for Steps Towards Research Independence 

We hosted last week the STRI symposium ‘Steps Towards Research Independence’ for researchers from the Faculties of Science, Medicine, Dentistry and Health. Our ambition in hosting this symposium was to offer a packed day full of ideas, food for thoughts, strategies and shared experiences about the process of transitioning towards research independence. Our speakers included researchers who had just gained their first fellowships to academics who had held several, lecturers who had never had one as well as professors who had achieved great academic success and held senior fellowships. We also had talks from colleagues from Research and Innovation Services about different funding streams or researchers supporting colleagues with the integration of statistical good practice in research proposals and research design. We had over 90 participants who joined us on the day for a morning full of talks and an afternoon busy with 6 workshops on offer covering topics as diverse as leadership skills, demystifying the CV, incorporating ‘Person, Project, Place’ in fellowship applications, as well as very interactive and dynamic sessions with Vox Coaching on shining in job/ fellowship interviews. Read the rest of this entry »